Fentanyl Test

How to use and store Fentanyl test kits (NOT FOR SALE, INFO FOR REFERENCE)

Immunoassay testing for fentanyl is very new and the reliability of these tests is not well-researched yet. Follow the procedure exactly and use good judgment

  1. In a small, CLEAN container, (for example a full-size plastic bottlecap) deposit approximately 30mg or more of the substance you are testing (about 1/4 or more of a capsule or pill), ideally in a powdered state. Using more substance helps compensate for random distribution of fentanyl granules.
  2. Add around 5-10mL of bottled or distilled water warmed to room temperature to the container. A standard bottlecap holds about 5mL and this will work fine. DO NOT use tap water, the dissolved substances in tap water may introduce error into the test. If the water is not close to room temperature, the fentanyl may not dissolve completely in the water, and this is crucial for the test.
  3. Remove the strip from the packaging and hold it by the part that says FYL. DO NOT touch it below that part.
  4. Dip the other end of the strip into the water with the substance in it. Hold it there for 15 seconds. DO NOT immerse the strip in water above the MAX line.
  5. After 15 seconds of exposure, lay strip down on a dry, non-absorbent surface. Let the test proceed for 5 minutes, and at the 5 minute mark read the test and compare to the following picture:

Fentayl Test

Fentanyl Diagram