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The kit to have if you only have one, the Marquis test can help you tell the difference between MDMA/MDA, amphetamines, drugs sold as "bath salts", opiates, and DXM. It also has no reaction to cocaine, but does react with many substances sold as cocaine. Aside from this it can help you identify many other lesser-known substances.

If stored and used properly, each kit can be used for 30-40 tests and is good for up to 2 years. Expiry is indicated by a substantial darkening of the reagent in the bottle and significantly slowed reactions. Test with Aspirin to determine if the reagent is still effective.

The more different reagent test kits you use with a substance, the more confident you can be about its identity. Only using one reagent is dangerous and can promote a false sense of security.

This test can only indicate the presence of a substance, not the quantity or purity. If several substances are present in a sample, the colour of the reaction may be altered. Testing a substance does not guarantee its safety, and no substance is 100% safe. The results of a reagent test should be used as part of the information you use to make an informed conclusion about a substance.

Small testing bottle included with every kit

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